Smoking is a great way to prolong the shelf life of your fish. What is better is it taste fantastic. There are so many ways to eat smoked fish, either as a pate, in a salad or in a good old fish pie.

We're have New Zealand's best fish smoking service here in Tairua!

Brett from Tairua Butchery does an amazing job of taking care of our catch. Brett has processed kingfish for fishing charter guests for many years with a high level of customer satisfaction.

We can arrange for your kingfish to be dropped off to Brett. He will fillet your catch, put it in a proper commercial liquid brine overnight, then smoke it the next day.  Your fish will then be cooled, and professionally vacuum packed.   If you are still in town you can take the smoked fish with you, otherwise Brett can overnight courier the fish to you in a cooled poly box anywhere in NZ. The bonus of smoking fish is it will handle a flight back home if you are coming from overseas.

Let your skipper know on the day if you would like any of your fish smoked. The cost is $3.50/kg based on the whole weight of the fish.