Pound for pound yellowtail kingfish are one of the world’s hardest fighting sportfish. We are lucky in New Zealand that they grow to XOS proportions and are prolific in numbers. In summer and autumn we catch them right up in the shallows of our estuaries and harbours, and they can be caught year round on our offshore pinnacles and island groups.


We use a wide range of tactics to chase kingfish including:


-Jigging: A year round style of fishing, often more productive in spring and autumn when the kingfish are feeding hard out. We prefer to fish with lures than baits, so if the lure fishing is on it will be our go to option.


-Top Water/Stickbaits/Poppers: The most visually stunning form of fishing there is. When a kingfish hits a stickbait on the surface in front of your eyes, well, it just does not get any better!  October through to June is the best time for this form of fishing.


-Livebaiting for Kingfish: The most consistent way to catch kingfish is with livebait. Skyline and our other boats are all set up with ample livebait storage and if we think livebaits will be needed we will spend an hour in the morning collecting plenty. Having a good supply of livies ensures steady fishing even when the bite dies down, and you also get a good bycatch of snapper, john dory , groper (hapuku) and even striped marlin!


We can find good consistent fishing for kingfish year round.