October has lived up to its reputation as being one of the best months to chase kingfish wide of the Aldermen Islands. The pins were a veritable feeding frenzy for the first couple of weeks with solid kingfish chewing hard over a wide open bite. The great thing about spring fishing is that jigs often produce the bigger fish, and we’ve seen some crackers smashing metal on Skyline.  Jigging Master 200gm jigs have been the go to jig.


Judging by the bait that is around at the moment there should be some awesome fishing right through the coming season.


This is such a great time of year to be on the water with so much going on.  Not only are the kingfish great targets at the moment but the snapper fishing has been off the chart as well. Local fisho Gazza Wilson was out amongst it last week, word is accounting for 4 fish over the 20 pound mark. The scallops are in such great knick, we are very lucky to have the very talented Nathaniel Blomfield on board Valhalla as our chef - some of the scallop dishes he has been creating on our charters have been nothing less than Next Level! Divers chasing a feed of crayfish haven’t had to go far, with most of the best bugs right up in the shallows.


We’ve got a great mix of trips coming up from hard core fishing, to shark filming, spearfishing and diving. With two luxury boats, the 9.4m Skyline and 50ft Valhalla we can cater for any type of adventures. We are gearing up for a mammoth game fishing season ahead. If you’d like to jump on board Valhalla for any of this seasons game fishing competitions, we’ve got a couple of paying spots at each tourny to join our regular tournament crew who will be doing the circuit. It is going to be a good one!


Get in touch with us at bookings@nextleveladventures.co.nz