We’re lucky to have such an awesome playground here on the Coromandel, and we’ve been making the most of it on both on Skyline and Valhalla over spring.


As soon as you get off the Tairua coast at the moment there is so much activity and bait, with schools of pilchards all through the water column, everywhere from 20m right out past the 100m line, the sounder is just fizzing with activity.  The Aldie Pins have been the magnet for kingis over spring that they usually are, with big bait balls, and kingfish galore.  Jigs, stickbaits and livies have all been working, but Broken Arrow jigs have probably produced the better size fish.


The scallops are now in mint condition, with big fat roes and it is good to see plenty of smaller fish in among the large shells boding well for future season.  We’re lucky to have the hugely talented Nathaniel Blomfield as chef on board Valhalla and he has been keeping our crews well looked after with all sorts of kingfish andscallop creations on our liveaboard trips. For guests on Skyline, Nadz will turn some of your catch into a four course feast for just $40pp on return to base.  You just need to pre book this prior to your day out on Skyline.

We were stoked to have David and the boys over from Aussie recently and they had four awesome days of it, and Nadz did the honours on the last day with an amazing meal.


Valhalla recently ventured out for its first couple of looks for an early season yellowfin or marlin. There is plenty of good looking water out there, and the boys were kept busy with a mix of big albies, bass to 40kg and bluenose to 20kg. The water wide of Great Barrier is a great playground to explore over 2-4 days with so many different options available from diving to deep dropping and gamefishing. 


A couple of good blows with a bit of north easterly in them and the season should be all on. With all the bait that is inshore right now on the 100m line, you can have to imagine that as soon as that water turns blue, the marlin will be honing in on all the bait that is there right now.  If you’d like to hop on either a day trip or liveaboard over summer time get in touch now at bookings@nextleveladventures.co.nz