Packages and Pricing


Packages and Pricing

Full Day Charter - SKYLINE 

$1500 for 4 people

$100 pp extra. Max 6 people only 4 can fish comfortably at anyone time. Tackle replacement at cost.


Chef for 2 hours

$40 pp



Comes Vacuum packed - $3.50kg based on whole weight of fish.



 $1500 per day.

We can organise accommodation at cost upon request. 

If you are coming from overseas as a group, we suggest fishing 4-5 days and staying for a week.

We can help arrange a rental car from Auckland International Airport to get to Tairua, giving you the fleixibility to look around the Coromandel while you are here.


Casual Fishing Day ThursdayS 

$375pp (Trip goes ahead even with one person)

4 spots available each Thursday. (Unless otherwise booked)

CASUAL diving DAY friday - to aldermen islands 

$150pp Double Dive Aldermen Islands (Trip goes ahead even with one person)

6 spots available each Friday . (Unless otherwise booked)



$900. Max 6 people


Casual Dive Day Friday - $150pp. Max 6 people. Double dive at Alderman's. Upton Dec 1


Full Day Dive and Fish WHOLE BOAT

$1700 for 4 people. $100pp extra. As per full day charter


Scenic Half Day 4hrs

$800 up to 6 people


What to Bring

What to Bring

Trips depart 7am from Tairua Marina. We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your trip departs. There is ample parking at our Tairua Marina office.  

We have a full range of kingfish, snapper and gamefishing gear and tackle on board. There is no need to bring your own gear, but you are more than welcome to.  All gear is provided free of charge, but we reserve the right to charge for any lost or broken tackle, rods or reels.

We suggest bringing:

-Appropriate clothing: thermals, wet weathers, beanie and waterproof footwear in winter, as well as sunglasses and sunhat. Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen in summer, even in summer you are recommended to bring warm clothing for any weather changes.

-Your own food and drink, unless otherwise arranged. We can organise catering and even a personal chef aboard your trip but unless otherwise arranged trips are self catering. We do have tea, coffee, hot water and drinking water aboard.

-If you want to take fish home, make sure you bring bags and chilly bins for your fish. Leave these in your car and grab them to put your fish when we get back to the marina.

TACKLE: If you want to bring any of your own tackle we suggest bringing:

-Jigging rod and reel (which can double as a livebaiting rod/reel). Casting rod and reel for stickbaiting. A softbait rod and reel.

-100 or 120 pound fluorocarbon for bite leader for livebaiting kingfish

-120-140lb mono leader for a 5m leader from your braid attached via PR bobbin

-Softbaiting - bring your own softbaits, 1/4 - 5/8 jig heads for casting in the shallows or 1oz to 2oz jigheads for softbaiting in the deep. Slow jigs are also a great way to catch snapper in the deep.

-Jigs: We generally jig in 60-140m of water. 250gm to 400gm jigs are ideal.

DIVING: If you are coming on a DIVE TRIP you need to bring all your own dive gear, or pre-arrange for us to get it provided (at your cost) from DIVE ZONE WHITIANGA. Please also ensure you bring your own towel, warm clothing, and ensure you have provided us with PADI certification copies for all divers. All divers also need to sign our waiver form before diving. 




Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Standard Skyline Charters / Next Level Adventures Terms and Conditions

- A 25% deposit is required to secure your spot on any whole boat bookings

- Any casual spots need to be paid in full in advance

- Trips depart 7am. Customers need to be at the Tairua Marina by this time. Please call our skipper if you are running late. We will have you back at the marina at approx 3pm for full day trips. Some days we might stay out later depending on the fishing and conditions. Please let us know early in the day if you need to be back at a certain time.

- Skyline Charters / Next Level Adventures are responsible for your safety and so reserve the right to postpone the trip if the skipper determines the weather is not suitable. 

- In the event of a trip being postponed due to the skipper determining the weather is not suitable prior to the trip, the customer will be given the opportunity to move the trip to another day, or be offered a refund

- Usually we will know 3 days out what the weather is likely to be like, but sometimes the weather call might come as late as 5pm the night before, or even on the morning of the trip if the forecast has changed. That is the nature of fishing and boating.

- We will do our utmost to provide a great day on the water, and work hard to find the fish. We cannot guarantee the fish will always co-operate!

-Skyline Charters has its own sustainable fishing policies that need to be adhered to. For example we limit the amount of kingfish that can be kept to one per person. 

- Please ensure you advise the skipper before you depart (and the Next Level office prior to your trip) of any medical conditions which might restrict what you do on the day. Our fishing trips at times can be demanding both mentally and physically, so let us know if there is anything we need to be aware of.

- We will be taking photos of your day for publishing on our Facebook page and often refer to people by their full name. Please let us know if for any reason you do not want any of your photos published

- We do not store any credit card details or bank account details. If you have made a deposit prior to the trip you will need to provide your credit card for the balance on the day. 

- On booking your trip, we will store your email address and mobile number for trip correspondence. We will not pass these details on to any third parties.

Making the Most of Your Catch

Making the Most of Your Catch

We have a precious resource on our back doorstep. We want to keep our fishery in the best possible shape. 

We limit the catch that can be landing, and prefer to release a % of the fish we catch. We have a limit of one kingfish per person (as opposed to the MPI limit of 3 per person). We don't mind you keeping a few other  species on your trip, but prefer you don't go over the top with keeping piles of fish. We are out fishing every day so want to make sure we don't affect the local fishery, and keep it in good shape.

Have a think prior to your trip about what you want to do to give the fish you catch the respect it deserves.

Salt ice is provided on the boat to keep your catch in the best possible condition on the boat.

We have fish smokers available in Tairua who can smoke your catch to extend its shelf life, vacuum pack your catch and courier it to you back home. Or if you are staying a few days in town they can have it ready for your return home.

We also have a chef who you can hire to cook your catch up for you back on land.

Our skipper can fillet your catch at the end of your trip. Have a think about how you are going to transport your catch home.

We also have a range of recipes on this website to give your some ideas for making the most of your catch.

Kingfish Recipes

Kingfish Recipes

We're lucky to have one of the Coromandel's best chefs Nadz on hand, and he can be booked in advanced to cook up some of your catch on your return to port. This can either be done as a quick taster at our Marina Base or as a sit down meal at your accommodation. Nadz is also available as a chef on our upcoming liveaboard trips.

Nadz will be sharing lots of different ways to cook kingfish and other seafood recipes here on this website. 

Here is Nadz in action breaking down a kingfish and preparing it in four different ways:





Bluenose Recipes

Bluenose Recipes

Fish Smoking

Fish Smoking

Smoking is a great way to prolong the shelf life of your fish. What is better is it taste fantastic. There are so many ways to eat smoked fish, either as a pate, in a salad or in a good old fish pie.

We're have New Zealand's best fish smoking service here in Tairua!

Brett from Tairua Butchery does an amazing job of taking care of our catch. Brett has processed kingfish for fishing charter guests for many years with a high level of customer satisfaction.

We can arrange for your kingfish to be dropped off to Brett. He will fillet your catch, put it in a proper commercial liquid brine overnight, then smoke it the next day.  Your fish will then be cooled, and professionally vacuum packed.   If you are still in town you can take the smoked fish with you, otherwise Brett can overnight courier the fish to you in a cooled poly box anywhere in NZ. The bonus of smoking fish is it will handle a flight back home if you are coming from overseas.

Let your skipper know on the day if you would like any of your fish smoked. The cost is $3.50/kg based on the whole weight of the fish.