Trips depart 7am from Tairua Marina. We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your trip departs. There is ample parking at our Tairua Marina office.  

We have a full range of kingfish, snapper and gamefishing gear and tackle on board. There is no need to bring your own gear, but you are more than welcome to.  All gear is provided free of charge, but we reserve the right to charge for any lost or broken tackle, rods or reels.

We suggest bringing:

-Appropriate clothing: thermals, wet weathers, beanie and waterproof footwear in winter, as well as sunglasses and sunhat. Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen in summer, even in summer you are recommended to bring warm clothing for any weather changes.

-Your own food and drink, unless otherwise arranged. We can organise catering and even a personal chef aboard your trip but unless otherwise arranged trips are self catering. We do have tea, coffee, hot water and drinking water aboard.

-If you want to take fish home, make sure you bring bags and chilly bins for your fish. Leave these in your car and grab them to put your fish when we get back to the marina.

TACKLE: If you want to bring any of your own tackle we suggest bringing:

-Jigging rod and reel (which can double as a livebaiting rod/reel). Casting rod and reel for stickbaiting. A softbait rod and reel.

-100 or 120 pound fluorocarbon for bite leader for livebaiting kingfish

-120-140lb mono leader for a 5m leader from your braid attached via PR bobbin

-Softbaiting - bring your own softbaits, 1/4 - 5/8 jig heads for casting in the shallows or 1oz to 2oz jigheads for softbaiting in the deep. Slow jigs are also a great way to catch snapper in the deep.

-Jigs: We generally jig in 60-140m of water. 250gm to 400gm jigs are ideal.

DIVING: If you are coming on a DIVE TRIP you need to bring all your own dive gear, or pre-arrange for us to get it provided (at your cost) from DIVE ZONE WHITIANGA. Please also ensure you bring your own towel, warm clothing, and ensure you have provided us with PADI certification copies for all divers. All divers also need to sign our waiver form before diving.