We have a precious resource on our back doorstep. We want to keep our fishery in the best possible shape. 

We limit the catch that can be landing, and prefer to release a % of the fish we catch. We have a limit of one kingfish per person (as opposed to the MPI limit of 3 per person). We don't mind you keeping a few other  species on your trip, but prefer you don't go over the top with keeping piles of fish. We are out fishing every day so want to make sure we don't affect the local fishery, and keep it in good shape.

Have a think prior to your trip about what you want to do to give the fish you catch the respect it deserves.

Salt ice is provided on the boat to keep your catch in the best possible condition on the boat.

We have fish smokers available in Tairua who can smoke your catch to extend its shelf life, vacuum pack your catch and courier it to you back home. Or if you are staying a few days in town they can have it ready for your return home.

We also have a chef who you can hire to cook your catch up for you back on land.

Our skipper can fillet your catch at the end of your trip. Have a think about how you are going to transport your catch home.

We also have a range of recipes on this website to give your some ideas for making the most of your catch.